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What is cotton sateen?

Beautiful luxurious 100% cotton sateen white bedding. Soft & silky smooth with a subtle sheen. Incredibly comfy duvet cover and pillowcases. Made in Portugal using only the finest natural materials.

There are so many choices when it comes to shopping for the best cotton bed linen and one of the main decisions you need to make is how your bedding looks and feels. A very popular choice is cotton sateen which is synonymous with luxury bedding. Sateen is the closest thing you can get to satin without the hefty price tag. However, many people are still uncertain about what it is or indeed what its benefits are.


Sateen refers to the type of weave used when creating bed linen. Its’s usually woven from cotton as ours is, although other fibres can be used. The fabric is made in the same way as traditional percale cotton, using identical yarns and the same machinery. The difference comes in the way the weave is constructed. A sateen weave normally uses one thread under and three threads over, which exposes more yarn to the surface, giving it its satin feel, whereas percale is made using a one thread under, one over technique. Superior bed linen tends to use the sateen weave combined with a high thread count. The higher the thread count, the better the quality. Our Luxe Cotton sateen has a 400 thread count, giving you a truly has a luxurious feel. 


Close up of a 100% cotton sateen duvet cover showing silky appearance.

Sateen is often mistaken for silk or satin due to its rich silky-smooth feel and subtle sheen that mellows the more it’s washed. It has a slightly heavier weight than cotton percale and drapes beautifully. There is a certain opulence and luxury about sateen bed linen that cannot be matched by any other cotton weave


Due to the construction of the weave, sateen should resist snags, tears and pilling. It’s easy to care for and needs very little ironing, if any at all. It’s naturally breathable and absorbs moisture, making it ideal for all year round comfort. Above all it looks and feels luxurious.

For many, once they have slept in sateen sheets, they can’t go back to anything else. It’s perfect if you are looking for a silky smooth, sensual feel. 

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