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About Linen

Incredibly comfy 100% linen bedding. Soft & relaxed with a casual laid back look. White duvet cover and pillowcases on bed. Made in Portugal using only the finest natural materials.

We tend to think of linen as being used primarily for clothing, but it has also been crafted for many years to create beautiful bedding. But where does it come from and what are the benefits?


Linen has been one of the most popular fabrics for over 8,000 years as is often seen as the world’s strongest natural fibre and the ultimate material for bedding. In our research, we found that linen was actually the first fabric ever created. Ancient Asian and Mediterranean cultures discovered that fibres of the tall, reed-like flax plant were able to be used as thread. These were woven by hand to create fabric which was originally used for clothing. With industrialisation and the invention of the spinning machine, linen became more readily available, fast becoming the most popular option for household goods and one of our favourites. 


Incredibly comfy 100% linen bedding. Soft & relaxed with a casual laid back look. White duvet cover and pillowcases. Made in Portugal using only the finest natural materials.

Linen is incredibly soft and airy with a subtle distinctive texture. Small slubs may be seen in the fabric, which is completely normal and adds to the beauty of your bed linen. The slightly crumpled relaxed look is a part of its natural charm and without doubt it is effortlessly stylish. Each piece is garment dyed and then washed to relax the fibres, probably giving you the most comfortable bedding you’re likely to sleep in.


Linen is naturally breathable and the ideal bedding for all seasons whether you are a “hot” or a “cold” sleeper. It’s anti-bacterial and has non-allergenic characteristics which make it perfect for people with allergies.


Linen is an extremely durable natural fibre which comes from the flax plant. The finest comes from Europe, mainly France and Belgium, where an ideal climate and soil allows for strong, beautiful flax. This is where the linen we use in our Ultimate Linen bedding collection comes from. 

Linen is a much thicker and heavier fabric than cotton, therefore less strands are needed to be woven together to create material. It’s approximately 30% stronger and can last up to 12 times longer than cotton. Linen is measured in a slightly different way to cotton, by weight and not by thread count and generally referred to in grams per square meter, GSM. Our linen is 165 GSM, the perfect weight to achieve an enduring fabric which can last for years. The more it's used, the softer and stronger it becomes.


Linen plant growing in a field.

Linen is one of the most environmentally friendly fibres in the world with a minimal carbon footprint. There is no waste, every part of the plant is used to make anything from bed linen to linseed oil found in floor coverings and paint. It’s a renewable resource, resilient, sustainable and biodegradable and doesn’t need irrigation as it grows on sun, rainwater and dew. Farming of flax improves the soil as it acts as a fertiliser, growing successfully with limited use of herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals. Additionally, flax helps the planet breath, each year the growing of flax in Europe results in the capture of 200,000 tons of CO2.

Linen is an incredibly easy fabric to live with. It’s uniquely strong yet soft and comfortable and will last for years to come.
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