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How can I use my Frida Home London bed linen bag?

100% cotton drawstring bag with bedding inside. Frida Home London logo printed on bag.


We, as a human race, impact the earth's physical environment in many ways: overpopulation, pollution, burning fossil fuels and deforestation. These have triggered a negative impact on climate change, soil erosion, poor air quality and undrinkable water. 

Packaging is one of the main contributors to the climate change issue. According to a report from the Centre for International Environmental Law published in The Guardian in 2019, at current levels, greenhouse gas emissions from the plastic life-cycle threaten the ability of the world’s population to keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C. The report says “With the petrochemical and plastic industries planning a massive expansion in production, the problem is on track to get much worse". 

Rows and rows of small plastic water bottles.

When creating Frida Home London, we considered how we could ship our products in a way that would protect your bed linen without the use of traditional plastic bags. There are some companies who do use plastic but state that it's actually recyclable. Don't be fooled as it is in fact extremely difficult to recycle. So we looked into lots of different alternatives from tissue paper, to card, to compostable bags. But in the end, we decided that ideal solution is to package your beautiful Frida Home London bed linen in 100% cotton drawstring bags, which have the added benefit of being reusable as storage bags. So no plastic here! 

Don’t discard them as it kind of defeats the object if these are thrown away once they get to you. They're not for single use and can be re-used indefinitely, helping the environment even more. Here are some ideas on how to use them.


Store your washed bed linen sets in the bags. This will keep drawers and cupboard space neat and tidy, making it easy to keep your duvet cover, pillowcases and fitted sheet together and makes it quicker to find them, especially when time is short. They're also useful for keeping smaller sized towels or even special table linen in. Or keep your shoes clean and dust free by putting them in your bed linen bag.

If you want your homemade bread to stay fresher for longer, you could store it in your reusable cotton bag. Homemade bread doesn’t contain the extra preservatives that supermarket loaves often do, so it can be a battle to keep it fresh beyond the first day or two, making our bags a natural choice. 

Two hands holding a round  homemade loaf of bread straight from the oven.


Many of us will need to declutter our home, after all a tidy home is a happy home! You can keep similar bits and pieces together in either your wardrobe or chest of drawers. Or hook them in your utility room, kitchen, workroom or office, and store all those things you can never seem to find. Pens and pencils for example can also be kept in the bags, when someone needs one you know where to look. 

Kids seem to have so many toys nowadays and at the end of the day, tidying these up and keeping certain bits together makes finding them again the next day easier. Use our storage bags! 


The bags are also great for keeping small electrical items. If you have  purchased our pairs of pillowcases, the smaller bag is ideal for keeping your phone or tablet chargers and cords tangle free and clean from dust. Or use for your kindle and hang it on the bed frame so you always know where it is at night, just make sure it’s always unplugged when you've finished with it! 


More and more people are up-cycling or making do and mending, so the storage bags are ideal for keeping sewing essentials, left over pieces of fabric, swatches and other bits and bobs. This will help find what you're looking for when working on your creative projects. How about a knitting bag? Keep your needles and wool together, tidy and safe.

Or you could get really creative and collect pine cones, cedar chips and lavender to hang in your storage cupboards.


When going away, wrapping your shoes in the drawstring bag will stop them accidentally dirtying your clothes. This will also avoid your shoes getting scuffed while travelling. If you're having a short break or weekend away, you could also use the bags to keep your dirty washing together when you're away. Or alternatively if you are taking your hairdryer/straighteners with you, your bag will come in handy to stop these catching on your clothes.


It’s always a good idea to keep your Frida Home London fabric bag in your hand/work bag in case you need to pop to the shop for a few essentials while out, although we can't promise you'll be able to carry your weekly shop in one!  Another idea would be to use your fabric bag to weigh loose fruit and veg at the supermarket instead of the small plastic bags, or to separate certain bits of shopping. Always remember to keep it clean though.


Use the bag for keeping any manuals, maps (if you still use them), or anything else you keep in your glove box. Or keep it in the boot for your de-icer, oils or scrappers. Although you may not be able to use it again for anything else!


To keep your 100% cotton storage bag looking its best, hand wash separately. Once washed, pull to shape and dry flat. If you do decide to iron, do so on the reverse only with a warm iron.

As you can see, there are many ways to use your Frida Home London storage bags? How do you use yours? Get creative and let us know at

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