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Keeping the bedroom comfortable and relaxed

Incredibly comfy 100% linen bedding. Soft & relaxed with a casual laid back look. White duvet cover and pillowcases on bed. Made in Portugal using only the finest natural materials.

Most articles or blog posts advise us on how to get a perfect night’s sleep. But here we would like to share some ideas on how to make some minor changes to your bedroom to make sure you wake up feeling happier and healthier.


So let’s start with the bed. Make sure you have the right mattress- firm, medium or soft, the choice is yours. Investing in a genuine hotel quality mattress protector can completely transform your bed. They are a great way of enhancing your mattress rather than replacing it and can add support, comfort and softness, as well as extending the life of your mattress. Next, add mattress and pillow protectors to your bed. These simultaneously fulfil several functions needed for a perfect nights' sleep: they keep everything clean and fresh and offer a soft surface to lie on without affecting the performance of your mattress or pillows. They also protect against dust mites, particularly important for those who suffer from allergies. 

OK, so now it's time to think about your duvets and pillows. When it comes to the duvet, what size do you need, which tog, do you want a natural or synthetic fill? You need to choose the right level of firmness for your pillows as well as consider the fill again. We have a selection of both duvets and pillows in 100% Natural Fill and Eco Hypoallergenic alternatives to choose from.

Finally and possibly most importantly, the bed linen, the foundation of your bed. It's important to get this right. Have a think about how you like it to feel. You may like the cool feel and crispness of our Classic Cotton. If you prefer your sheets to be silky and smooth to the touch, our Luxe Cotton collection is for you. Others prefer the soft and relaxed feel of our Ultimate Linen. Either way, we have the bed linen that is right for you and will suit your personal preferences. 

For details on how to keep all your bedding clean and fresh, visit our Care Guide.


Stepping onto plush flooring in the morning makes you feel nice and cosy. However, if you ever wake up with a sore throat, itchy eyes or a runny nose, you might be allergic to something. This could be dust mites which can harbour in soft materials like carpets. They particularly like the rich wool variety so choose a flat weave carpet instead. Sisal or woven grass flooring is best or better still, get rid of the carpet altogether. If you don’t like walking on a hard surface, use a rug instead which course can be vacuumed and shaken outside, getting rid of any mites.


If you are anything like us, you accumulate lots of bits and pieces you want to have 'on display' but it's probably best to keep a clutter free bedroom, it's so much calmer. Think about what you need and use regularly rather than having random and unnecessary pieces in the room. Dusty books by the bed, clothes on the floor and loose change on the dresser can overload the senses and make it hard to sleep. Flowers in the bedroom can be very calming. There is an old wives' tale that they absorb all the oxygen in the room while you are sleeping. We haven't been able to find any scientific evidence of this, although it's best to avoid flowers if you are allergic to them. 

Think about how much furniture you need. Built in storage or wall mounted shelving will hold more than free standing units. Personal bits and pieces should be either useful or beautiful, for example books you’re reading, one or two photo frames of family and friends or stylish ceramic bowls. If you do have artwork on the walls, these should be calming. In fact too much of anything can effect your sleep, so keep in simple.


Bright colours are not particularly practical for a bedroom as they can stimulate the senses rather than promote inner calm, whereas white can be incredibly peaceful. Muted earth tones also work well, remember a neutral palette doesn’t need to be boring. If you do want some colour, a soft blue works well without it being overpowering. You could of course accessorise with pops of colour to highlight your personality.

Beautiful luxurious 100% cotton sateen white bedding. Soft & silky smooth with a subtle sheen. Incredibly comfy duvet cover and pillowcases. Made in Portugal using only the finest natural materials.


Light tells our body it’s daytime and inhibits the release of melatonin. For a good night’s sleep, it's always best to keep your bedroom as dark as possible. During the night, light pollution from LED streetlights and nearby homes can keep you awake. When the sun rises, prevent daylight from waking you before the alarm goes off. Sheer white curtains that flutter in the breeze aren't well suited for the bedroom as they let too much light in. Instead use blackout curtains, roman blinds or shutters with large louvres which will let in more light during the day and offer pitch-blackness at night. The other benefit of wood shutters is that they help to absorb and reduce any noise from outside.


Make your bedroom a tech-free space! The blue light that TV’s omit can affect your melatonin and ruin your sleep, in fact even the stand-by light can have an effect. If you really want a TV in your room, enclose it within a media unit if you can and lock it away an hour before bed. Avoid all other technology especially mobile phones which are prone to buzzing or ringing in the middle of the night! Switch off your lap top and close the lid. If you do have a desk-top computer in the bedroom, try and block it at night by using a screen in front of it. 

We hope these simple steps will help you sleep well and wake up feeling relaxed and ready to take on everything the new day throws in your direction. 

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