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Sharing A Bed?

Two cute dogs sharing sleepy time

Most people think they sleep better with a partner which scientists say is linked to the sense of security this gives us. In fact our sleep is generally worse and 19% of people blame their other half for a disturbed night. So why is that and what if anything can you do about it?  

Well for starters, do you share a bed with a snorer, a duvet hogger or a wriggler or are you one yourself? Do you struggle to get your fair share of the bed? If so, chances are this is the reason why you’re not sleeping as well as you should and deserve. Fifty per cent of sleep disturbance is caused by sharing a bed and with many of us struggling to get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night, having a sleeping partner makes getting a great night’s sleep even more difficult.

So, before you start considering sleeping separately, there are a few ways to fix the typical struggles of sharing a bed.


When it comes to your mattress, try and go as big as your budget and the size of your bedroom will allow. Having a bigger bed gives you both more space and hopefully a better night’s sleep. It’s a similar story with the duvet so try and go for a larger one than the bed itself, for example if you have a double bed a king duvet will cover you both better and give you space to move around.  


If you or your partner still hog the duvet, or the duvet itself just feels too big, why not have two separate single ones? In parts of Europe this is totally normal as they’ve known for many years that separate duvets are the easiest way to end the fight over who hogged the covers, who is too hot or too cold, the tossing and turning and dragging of the covers. Two singles duvets can give you total control over how they actually cover you. You can then choose your own preferred weight, tog and fill and keep it to yourself.

So whether you have two separate duvets or just go big, we hope you get the night’s sleep you deserve. If you need any help in choosing the duvet that's right for you, why not read our Duvet Buying Guide

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