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Sleeping Positions

Have you ever been to a hotel and been offered a pillow menu? Leading hotels are starting to offer this service which we thought was crazy when we first saw it but, maybe they’re onto something. Although choosing your pillow is a personal choice, it really can affect your sleep and how relaxed you feel when you wake up. A pillow’s number one function is to align your head and neck with your spine while you sleep, providing support for your whole body, the wrong one can cause poor posture. With so much choice out there, we know it can be confusing, so here’s your guide to choosing the perfect pillow.


Do you sleep on your front, your back, side, or a combination of all of these? Your sleep style dictates what kind of support you need and therefore which pillow you should be looking for.


If you sleep on your back, you should look for a pillow which elevates and supports your head and keeps it in line with your spine. Too plump and it will push your head too far forward and leave you with a stiff neck in the morning, too soft and it won’t give you enough support, therefore impact your sleep. This position is usually best suited to a medium firmness pillow.

Our pillows are available in medium support. 


Studies show that this is the most popular sleep position. Side sleepers need more height to lift their head in line with their shoulders and support their neck to avoid stiffness. If you have a smaller frame, you may prefer a medium pillow or if you have a larger frame, you may benefit from a firmer and loftier pillow.

Our pillows are available in medium and firmer support.


Sleeping on your stomach can help you stop snoring but any research we have done has shown that it’s not recommended as it puts your neck and spine under pressure. If you do sleep on your front, it’s best to go for a softer pillow your head sinks into.

Our pillows are available in a softer option. 


Many people tend to sleep in a variety of positions and move around quite a lot during the night without even knowing it. If you do sleep on all sides you’ll probably find a medium support pillow is the safest bet as it can be used comfortably in different positions. 

Our pillows are available in medium support.


Another important factor to consider when choosing your pillow is the fill. Whether you love the cosiness of down, the plumpness of feather or a superior down-like alternative, we have the perfect pillow for you, all incredibly breathable and comfortable to sleep on.

Choosing the right pillow will improve the quality of your sleep and ensure you wake up feeling rested and refreshed, ready to face the day ahead. For more information on pillows, visit our Buying Guide or for details on how to care for your pillows see our Care Guide.

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