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What's The Difference | Cotton & Linen

Want to know the difference between Percale, Sateen and Linen and which one is right for you? Whatever your choice we have the perfect bedding for you. All made with love in Portugal, using only the finest quality materials.

Cotton Percale

The term ‘percale’ defines the simple criss-cross pattern which enables the threads to be tightly woven. A series of vertical and horizontal threads woven one at a time using a plain weave (one over and one under) to create a strong and exceptionally durable cotton. This weave is considerably tighter than that used in other cotton fabrics and produces a minimum 180 thread count. Our Classic Cotton percale is 300 thread count. 

Percale is one of the most popular weaves and is often the choice of five-star hotels around the world. It combines the perfect balance between softness and strength. As well as being lightweight and breathable it feels cool and crisp to the touch with a subtle matte finish. You may find cotton percale requires a certain amount of ironing, but believe us, it’s worth the effort.

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Cotton Sateen

'Sateen' refers to the type of weave used when creating fabric and usually woven using cotton, as ours is. It's made in the same way as traditional percale cotton, using identical yarns and the same machinery, the difference is the way the weave is constructed. A sateen weave normally uses one thread under and three over, which exposes more yarn to the surface, giving it its satin feel. Superior bed linen tends to use the sateen weave with a higher thread count. Our Luxe Cotton sateen is 400 thread count. 

Sateen can have a slightly heavier weight than cotton percale however we have worked closely with our factory to create a lighter weight, soft and silky-smooth feel which is naturally breathable and drapes beautifully. There is a certain opulence and luxury about sateen bed linen that cannot be matched by any other cotton weave. It has a subtle sheen that mellows the more it’s washed, it’s easy to care for and needs very little ironing, if any at all.

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100% Linen

Linen is a natural fibre which comes from the flax plant and the finest is grown in Europe, mainly France and Belgium where ours originates. It is a much denser, heavier fibre than cotton and less strands are needed to be woven together to create fabric. Its spinning and weaving is a far more labour intensive process and not as mass produced as cotton, which means it will cost more. But we think it's definitely worth it!

Linen is measured in a slightly different way to cotton, by weight and not by thread count and generally referred to in grams per square meter, GSM. Our linen is 165 GSM, the perfect weight to achieve an enduring fabric which can last for years.

Our Ultimate Linen bedding is incredibly soft and airy, yet strong, durable and cool to the touch. The slightly crumpled look, subtle distinctive texture and small slubs all add to its natural charm and beauty. Each piece is garment dyed then washed to relax the fibres. It is light and breathable in summer but keeps you cosy and warm in winter. The more it’s slept in, lived in and loved, the softer and more beautiful it becomes.

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