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What's the difference | Natural & Eco Hypoallergenic Fillings

Are you confused about duvet and pillow fillings and which is best for you? Don't be! Here's a simple guide that will help you choose between the finest responsibly sourced natural or Eco Hypoallergenic fillings. All our duvets and pillows offer incredible comfort and breathability ensuring you have a good night's sleep for years to come.

All made-to-order in the UK just for you. 

Natural Feather

Feathers are larger and heavier than down and their main purpose is to keep the duck or goose dry and cosy. The higher the feather percentage, the weightier the duvet and pillows will be as well as being more affordable compared to the equivalent down filled options.

Our Classic Duck Feather & Down duvets and pillows are generously filled with the perfect balance of the comforting weight of 70% superior European small duck feathers and the cosiness of 30% lightweight fine duck down. This differs from standard feather and down duvets and pillows which only contain between 85-95% of feather.

Encased in a soft and smooth 233 thread count 100% cotton cover.

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Natural Down

Fluffy down clusters grow under the outer protective layer of duck and geese feathers. They expand and trap tiny pockets of air, working together with your body temperature providing the highest level of insulation and breathability. The result is luxurious comfort and warmth for your duvet and gentle support for your pillow.

The higher the down percentage, the softer and lighter they will feel compared to a feather option. Our Luxe Duck Down is generously filled with superior 100% European duck down which differs from standard duck down filled duvets and pillows which only contain between 60-90%.

Encased in a luxurious 300 thread count 100% cotton cover.

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Natural Hungarian Goose Down

Our Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down really is pure luxury. Hungarian geese come from a colder region of the world making their down more thermal and considered to be the world's finest filling. This exceptional quality of 100% down differs from standard Hungarian goose down filled duvets and pillows which only contain between 60-90%.

The luxurious 300 thread count 100% cotton cover combined with the superior Hungarian goose down fill gives you the feeling of sleeping on a cloud with its incomparable balance of weightlessness, cosiness and breathability. 

For when the best is only just good enough!

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Our Feels Like Down duvets and pillows are generously filled with environmentally friendly man-made fibres which feel like down because they work just like down. They are the perfect choice for those prone to allergies and looking for an alternative to a natural filling. The soft and light clusters of fill combine comfort, practicality and sustainability without sacrificing any cosiness, warmth or breathability with the added benefit of being easy to wash. 

The specialist man-made fibres are created from recycled plastic bottles, which significantly reduces the amount of plastic going into landfill.

Encased in luxurious soft and smooth 100% cotton.

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So, is there a clear winner?

The fact is all our fillings are just as luxurious as each other. There will always be some who prefer the natural insulating qualities of feather or down, however man-made fibres have advanced so much these days to produce amazing alternatives.

There is no need to feel that you are compromising by having a Eco Hypoallergenic fibre filled duvet or pillow. On the key points of warmth, comfort and breathability they are very evenly matched, although natural fillings do just have the edge for durability.